Creating Talent Through Digital Platforms

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is still a topic of discussion. While the acceleration of technology is still happening, what about us as human beings? Are you ready to become a talent using digital platforms?

To be able to both survive and compete in the era of digital acceleration, companies, organizations, and even individuals must have the desire and ability to become great talents.

The question is, how often do we use and utilize technology to help us develop our competencies?

If we allow ourselves to be trapped in the old conventional ways, then we will be left behind so that our competence is no longer suitable for the current era. Meanwhile, there are already various kinds of digital learning media available and easy for us to access.

Digital platforms are all digital media that we can access and use. To develop competence in the digital era, Jane Hart and Jay Cross explained that we need to combine five learning methods which are face-to-face and virtual learning, self-learning through digital media, blended learning, social learning, and collaborative learning.

Before discussing what learning methods are right for us and what we need to use, we need to start with the ability to raise our passion for learning in us. If this ability does not exist, then we cannot proceed to the next step.

In addition, Indonesians tend to only want to rely on classroom learning or face-to-face learning. Whereas in the current era of digital acceleration, the five learning methods introduced by Jane Hart and Jay Cross need to be applied as a whole and not just some of them.

In creating and choosing learning content, we need to know what is the benchmark for the success of the learning. Because if we did not set it in advance, then the results of the learning we do cannot be measured and seen clearly.

We need to realize and accept the fact that we are already in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era where technology was created to help us develop our competencies. The problem is whether we want to get out of the old ways that may have been comfortable for us and continue to try to make friends with technology or not.

Visit our podcast section to hear a deeper and more detailed explanation on the topic “Creating Talent Through Digital Platforms” by Daniel V. Lie, President/Global Chief Executive of digima ASIA collaborating with SmartFM Radio on the Smart DigiTalk program.


Daniel V. Lie
President/Global Chief Executive

Daniel is a very prominent figure in Indonesia's digital learning sector.

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