Humans Will be Replaced by Robots

The acceleration of digital technology seems to be an ‘alarm’ for us that, especially in our work, we can be replaced by robots at any time. Then, how can we as humans fight and survive so that our position cannot be replaced by robots?

Various abilities and knowledge that are usually possessed by humans can be easily included in technology and robots. There are already many technologies that use machine learning so that its functions can develop continuously.

Unfortunately, most people, especially in Indonesia, tend to have a low level of awareness regarding literacy and do not realize that the existence of technology and robots can be supportive but also threatening. People often used sophisticated technology as an excuse to be more relaxed and not study hard.

After all, we as humans must be able to coexist with technology and make maximum use of it, not allowing our position to be replaced by robots. But to coexist with technology, we need to know our value as humans and the role of technology as a supporter of our work.

We as humans must be able to set limits on what machines can do and what machines cannot. For example, to get an intellectual education, technology can do it. But for character education, humans must participate and play a strong role in it.

Another example in the professional world, all technical work can be done by robots. So, we as humans have a role in monitoring and quality control. If we do not respond properly to threats that seem to be caused by robots, we will feel that our jobs are completely taken over by robots.

What do robots not have that we humans have? Soul. How we empathize, have a sense of solidarity, and others that involve soul and feelings. Therefore, be a good quality human being. Do not let our souls as humans ‘die’ so that we cannot be completely replaced by robots.

Visit our podcast section to hear a deeper and more detailed explanation on the topic “Humans Will be Replaced by Robots” by Daniel V. Lie, President/Global Chief Executive of digima ASIA collaborating with SmartFM Radio on the Smart DigiTalk program.


Daniel V. Lie
President/Global Chief Executive

Daniel is a very prominent figure in Indonesia's digital learning sector.

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