Let’s Utilize MoLeaWiz® to Get the Best Talent Development Program

Learning and development should be integrated as a core program in helping organizations to stand out. We know that the pandemic COVID-19 already impacted organizations across the globe. Leaders and all level management are required to rethink and remanage all systems to be completely done, in accordance to the initial plan.

So, the presence of Talent Development is important as we move to 2021, to start earlier, to prepare what has already been planned before. Evenmore, nowadays everything is done by technology. Learning, developing skills, and facing challenges are Talent Development programs that followed this 2021 trend.

Utilizing Talent Development programs through technology has also gone trendy. Just as MoLeaWiz®, the digital learning platform launched by digima ASIA that supports your Talent Development program in 2021.

Here is the reason why MoLeaWiz® is suitable for you!

1. Facilitate the Talent Development program

With the MoLeaWiz® platform and a well-trained coach, your members will surely get the core skills, not only knowledge to face the future’s uncertain challenges. Leading your organizations to success through Talent Development is the most important thing we want to achieve.

2. Meet the organization’s business needs

As a leader you must know what are truly members’ skills that need to be skilling, reskilling or upskilling. You can ask help from us to design and implement it, speak to us what specific skills that urgently must be applied to them.

3. Comes in immersive learning content design methods

Have you imagined the learning program supported with 2D, 3D designs and Augmented Virtual Reality, as well as using the real environment for learning? Through MoLeaWiz® you will experience those features. You also can get immersed in the learning process and the three ways of communication in learning.

4. Let your member’s choose and get rewards

In MoLeaWiz® most of Talent Development-related field contents are included. If your members are already registered, they are free to choose what they want to learn. After finishing, they will get rewards as little appreciation of their work hard from learning point, direct rewards, and eCertificate.

Utilizing MoLeaWiz® as the digital learning platform for Talent Development programs in your organization can bring real impacts to accomplish the goals in the future.

Are you ready to be a part of MoLeaWiz® and digima ASIA?


Daniel V. Lie
President/Global Chief Executive

Daniel is a very prominent figure in Indonesia's digital learning sector.

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