Accelerating Organizations on Innovation Fast-Track

We are still continuing to face out the challenges amid COVID-19, starting from business management, to the leadership challenges. And, it’s already well-known that this pandemic has forced us to pop the ideas up and to keep running the innovations.

From the leaders of various levels, keeping the innovations on track has been something to be concerned about. How about in an organization circle? Does the leader need to know if their team’s ideas are on the right track? Do we as the team members need to accelerate innovations?

The acceleration of innovation to keep our organization in the fast-track, has to be applied by every team member and leader. This is aimed to measure how ready we are to reach out for success

These are how to accelerate them:

1. Begin to exaggerate the support

Do you come to realize that the excessive support brings impacts to our performances? An office that gives us comfort, co-workers who are dependable, or well-skilled and hospitable leaders—those are the examples of elements that pop up the best potentials within a person.

2. Try to empower members to ask anything

Speaking about “ask anything” – somehow, genius and extraordinary ideas arise when team members have the willingness to express what’s on their heads. So, it matters to get their voices heard and known, then to be executed for goals.

3. Give a motivation to innovate

What truly motivates your members? What kind of ideas do you want to share with others? Don’t hesitate to share your success stories and encouragements to lead growth. Hold a monthly or even weekly sharing stories session, rotating it between your team members.

4. Experience the challenges of change

Instead of giving up because of challenges, it’s time to seek different viewpoints. Attempt to change the challenges or try the new ones. We can start doing work remotely, building digital-work guides.

5. Think out of the box

Be careful of creativity and innovation limitations that’s readily available at all. As a leader, we have to be aware if it hits our organizations’ scope of work. Never stop looking for the ideas, strategies that have never been used before, and observe the trends.

There is a difference between only accelerating innovations and keeping them on fast-track. Innovation that is accelerated means every member of varying levels have to give well-synchronized ideas for the goals. But, to keep them on fast-track has more solid and organized teamwork to run the innovation.

Continuously, in the midst of pandemic, as innovation starts to flourish and strategic execution begins to bloom, we can turn the challenges into opportunities that lead to the goals of organization.


Daniel V. Lie
President/Global Chief Executive

Daniel is a very prominent figure in Indonesia's digital learning sector.

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