Online Learning : A New Way of Rising Our Children


With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting our world, including the educational system, everything related to it has radically changed. From the curriculum, practical strategies, environmental system, to the learning method. Yes, nowadays, online learning as the one and only option of learning methods is more likely to become familiar.

Previously, online learning or e-learning is kind of something new. As a student we used to do face-to-face or the traditional method. Do you remember? A teacher in front of us was starting to begin the class. The students who still lack attention will “wake up” sooner as the teacher said “Attention please, we will begin the class.” Asking and being asked directly about the subject we learnt before was such a challenging moment, isn’t it? But, we could know and understand it at the moment—and it was the point!

The atmosphere of discussion, social interaction, and engagement between teacher and students are the major benefits we can’t get through online learning.

Online learning as the new method of learning

As we read above that traditional learning has offered us some benefits, it doesn’t mean online learning lacks them. Online learning is categorized as the method of learning within which we optimize technology and digitalization to learn something. Yes, it indicates that we—as teachers or students—rely on electronically-support to create educational environments.

Many experts said online learning can be even better than the traditional one. As traditional methods value our physical presence as the most important, online learning creates us to be more independent.

Ever since at the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, want it or not, online learning must-do method of learning. What was being the news of online learning in the pandemic actually are the presence and role of the parents.

They have the WFH system which allows them to work at home as they also manage the children. They have the “free” to monitor their homeworks, tasks, and online learning and interactions. By this circumstance, we face the era that parents take the job of children learning education

So, have we created them to be “the best version” through online learning?

Not only to monitor the online learning, as the parents we should rule ourselves as teachers. Describing the materials, asking them which parts they don’t know, and evaluating the learning progress at the end of the session. We should also smartly create face-to-face learning methods in order to engage them online. Furthermore, if we apply these points, we create the successful version of them.


Daniel V. Lie
President/Global Chief Executive

Daniel is a very prominent figure in Indonesia's digital learning sector.

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