4 Management of Risk and Resilience Guides for 2021

As 2020’s plans were quickly undone because of pandemic COVID-19, we are looking for hope in 2021. While this pandemic has caused many challenges not in the short, but long-term, so in 2021 we are forced to face risk, resilience with a more dynamic mindset and productive environment.

Without risk and resilience management skills, our organization would get the lack of directions. To avoid that consequence, we have summarized the risk and resilience of today’s organization and how to manage them.

Main goals in the midst of pandemic

Have you remembered at the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, in which everything was becoming chaos? It was ruining our plans, our goals, our mission. We focused a lot on adjusting to WFH, we forgot to carry out the original plans.

Regardless, remaining to regain footing is the only way to approach it. Goals regain footing means we should look up what we miss, what can be improved. So, identify what our organization goals could bring great impacts if we all are willing to execute it well; even more in this new normal circumstance.

Technology and tech-savvy

Everything has been done virtually & remotely from working, learning, shopping, to joining a webinar. That should have created us to be tech-savvy people. But have we optimized this digitalization for better working culture?

It’s a popular belief that as much as we use technology, the digital itself will be a common thing for us. So, it’s time to start thinking about tech that brings the influences. To make it clear, start managing tech wisely!

The culture for working

Back in 2020, we did WFH for months; this year, we are likely to go back to work in the office, but perhaps with a semi-remote working system. More flexible time, more creativity skills, more “vacant” space.

So, try to create our own comfort. Find out what kind of culture that can build up the good atmosphere the most. To prevent this current working to become a risk in the future, discuss it openly with other workers.

Uncertain circumstances

No one could predict that pandemic COVID-19 was happening and now it lasted for about 10 months. Every organization, leader, or even employee has been forced to rack the brain in order to search solutions & breakthroughs.

So, in these uncertain circumstances, everyone starting from the top to the middle level should remind themselves of their own management risk in the most simple way. Let’s say, just stay resilient in balancing our work and personal life.

Many of us have viewed pandemic COVID-19 in the beginning of 2021 as a positive opportunity that could be approached with management of risk and resilience. So, are you one of them?


Daniel V. Lie
President/Global Chief Executive

Daniel is a very prominent figure in Indonesia's digital learning sector.

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