Let’s Be Great to Build Competencies that Needed for the Future

As time goes by, as competition is getting tough, what have us already done to enforce our competencies? Decided to take a training and development program?

But, do you come to realize that we should do great, not average steps to boost our competencies?

On Saturday, 21st November 2020 digima ASIA together with HR Excellency had successfully held a webinar entitled “Let’s Being Great Not Average” via Zoom apps. We invited Daniel V. Lie, the President/Global Chief Executive of digima ASIA as the main speaker and Max Sandy as the keynote speaker, Life Intelligence Coach & Trainer. From newly-students college to the young professionals, those participants are engaged and enthusiastic through this webinar.

Both of the speakers have gained us some points related to optimizing our competencies that are needed for the future by doing great not average.

Let’s rally efforts to be great not average

Speaking of effort rallying or effort mobilizing, what do you think?

Over the years many people and us may define rallying the effort refers to the practices of maximizing efforts in every part to achieve a good result. To contrast, ralling the effort is a more complex term. The presence of going beyond & growth mindset is the most important thing.

At any larger, going beyond mindset helps us in growing, developing skills and competencies—indirectly. But, how does it work? According to the webinar, this mindset will lead us to do great, not average. Just as a popular saying said, going the extra miles, to make our effort is beyond everything, way ahead.

At work, be eager to volunteer energy on tasks, be focused on them, indicates that we are willing to be great not average. Furthermore, we could have one stop closer to achieve goals in the future.

Has we set up our competencies that are needed for the future?

If you are the young who still wonder who you are in the future and what you should do further, you have likely heard of “needed-competencies for future”.

When it comes to needed-competencies, looks like our well-skilled competencies have been designed to be needed, right? But, are we sure that those competencies really needed? Or, do we only assume that they can be used?

As fast-paced technology growth already drives us to be more critical, actually what future needs are the one who could bring creativity, innovation, and milestones to the workplace. Even more, the world will be fuelled with robots, the digitalization in which we must face challenges with more bravery and breakthrough.

Alongside with creativity and innovation, leadership and decision-making traits are also the needed-competencies. We are here to help others to be the best versions of them and to create them as they want for the future.

Are there any steps to do to upgrade those competencies? Yes, through training and development programs provided by our workplace, we could sharpen our competencies so they can be needed for the future. Training and development programs allow us to improve, strengthen, and even create us to be well-skilled individuals with needed-competencies.


Daniel V. Lie
President/Global Chief Executive

Daniel is a very prominent figure in Indonesia's digital learning sector.

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