Operational Staff
Capable, smart, and strong. You are the guardian of our company! Do you have what it takes to protect it?View Detail
Code. Build. Fix. Repeat. Don't worry, you will never find a bug here, just an undocumented feature or its equivalent.View Detail
2D Artist
You are the master of all stationeries, physical and digital alike, and whatever it takes to draw anything.View Detail
3D Artist
If you are up for 3D modeling, mapping, texturing, and anything with "-ing", then you are right at home!View Detail
You are the watcher of anything that moves under the sky and in front of your screen. Don't forget to add some sounds to spice things up!View Detail
Concept Artist
You are the glassess of our creation. You are called upon to produce anything that appears in others' mind. You are welcome.View Detail
Graphic Designer
Don't worry we know Comic Sans is not good, but the rest of stereotypes still apply though. Are you in?View Detail
You have to make sure your name card box is emptied within a week or so. Are you sold on it?View Detail
Project Management
Managing timeline of the project while managing people who are managing their jobs. Speaking about managing at its finest.View Detail
Project Custodian
Our project is in your hand, literally. Just make sure not to mistake the real contract with its copy.View Detail
Instructional Design
You are gonna improve someone's skill by using your own skill. How convenient is that?View Detail
Content Writer
Things happen around the world. It is you sacred duty to obtain and archive it into a record. Interested?View Detail
QA Tester
They think they are doing a good job. It is your task to say the otherwise! Are you dare enough?View Detail
We are looking for an energetic individual who can make our client says "Yes" all the time. What do you say?View Detail

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